Cardinal Rules

Everyone who works for us, or with us, has an important part to play in making Corrosion Service a safer place to work. Everyone must follow our Cardinal Rules to ensure they arrive home safe at the end of each workday.

Cardinal Rules

Awards & Recognition

TransCanada Corporation provides Safety Performance Recognition to Corrosion Service for 2018 Cathodic Protection Programs - Triple 0's for a second year running.



Our safety team collaborates with customers and partner organizations to develop more advanced and effective methods of monitoring and ensuring the safety of those involved with Corrosion Service’s work. Below are our safety partners:

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Health & Safety

Safety all day… Every day

Safety is not just a buzz-word, it is a fundamental company value that governs everything that we do. Corrosion Service is firmly committed to protecting the health and safety of our Team Members, Customers, Contractors and the General Public. Health and Safety, coupled with our respect for working in an sustainable manner, are fundamental company values that Corrosion Service will not compromise during our day-to-day work.

Working together on a foundation of commitment and enthusiasm, while integrating Safety into all facets of our operations, we constantly strive to achieve a workplace free of hazards, injury and illness. Through maintaining open lines of communication, objective discussions and cooperation throughout the organization, Corrosion Service has been able to achieve an exemplary safety record while continuing to grow in a sustainable manner.

Senior Management’s commitment to health and safety extends beyond personal conviction and encompasses dedicated financial resources, that ensure our Health and Safety Team can continue to provide the training and resources needed to enable safe work at all times.

Our commitment to zero incidents

The strong safety culture in our Company is partially regulated through the application of policies, procedures and safe operating practices, linked with strict adherence to all applicable legislation.

Our core safety culture is built on the belief and application of daily safety in all we do, by all Team Members. It’s this belief and commitment to “safety all day… every day “, which keeps our safety culture healthy, ensuring the proper and safe way of doing things is; “just the way it’s done around here.”

We trust that everyone working for and with us will join our Company in a personal commitment to health, safety and environmental responsibility as primary goals in all our day-to-day business ventures.

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