“Our vision is to be recognized in the industries that we serve as the first and best choice for corrosion engineering systems, products and services.”


“We are a team of industry professionals who are dedicated to protecting the environment, our fellow citizens and the prosperity of our communities by applying our skills and knowledge safely to prevent corrosion. We will strive to partner with our clients in a forthright and supportive manner, so that we can provide them with the most advanced tools, techniques and knowledge needed to preserve the integrity of their infrastructure.”

Core Values

  • Commitment to teamwork and collaboration
  • Commitment to understanding and exceeding our customer needs
  • Commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and learning
  • Commitment to integrity and accountability
  • Commitment to acting in a sustainable and controlled manner

Corporate Profile

Committed to service

Corrosion Service was founded in 1950 by Thomas R.B. Watson as the first Canadian firm to specialize in cathodic protection. Our founding philosophy was based on the principles of providing great customer service and developing a deep understanding of customer needs, these same core principles still guide our company today.

Throughout our history we have always been privately owned by successive groups of employees that have risen through the organization. This ownership structure gives us a unique perspective on business and ensures that our stakeholders (customers, employees and partners), rather than shareholders, always come first. This is vital for a company such as ours, given that we exist primarily to protect the environment, our fellow citizens and the prosperity of the communities in which we live.

Service is at our core

Our diverse and talented group of industry professionals specialize in three electrochemical corrosion control techniques (cathodic protection, Anotection® Anodic Protection and Potential Adjustment Protection®), buried pipeline integrity assessment and AC mitigation for pipelines installed in corridors shared with high voltage power lines. Within each of the five system categories of AC mitigation, Anotection® Anodic Protection, cathodic protection, integrity assessment and Potential Adjustment Protection®, we are engaged in completing a variety of in-house and onsite engineering services such as design, engineering, inspection, construction and surveys. Additionally, CSCL carries a range of manufactured and externally sourced products that compliment and reinforce our activities in each of the five system categories.

Service at our Core is the driving force that guides everything we do at Corrosion Service. As an engineering company we cannot hope to be successful unless we provide great customer service and develop a deep understanding of customer needs.