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When you need an independent and expert opinion to settle corrosion related disputes, CSCL is one of the few companies in the world with the knowledge to ensure a just outcome.


As one of North Americas oldest and best known integrity engineering companies, Corrosion Service Company Limited (CSCL) possesses the unparalleled knowledge and experience required to provide expert witness services and litigation support. Our areas of engineering expertise, gathered over many decades at the cutting edge of engineering, include corrosion, cathodic protection, AC mitigation and integrity management.


Our senior engineers are pre-eminent in their respective fields and have a detailed knowledge of materials, electrochemistry, construction, maintenance, provincial/federal codes and standards. They advise on individual cases in an independent, impartial and technically astute manner, so that our clients can be sure of a fair and equitable determination. Supported by the technical resources of a global leader in integrity engineering, our senior engineers are positioned to provide strong support, with the expertise required to address any issue.

Our experts

Expert witness services

Bob Gummow

Bob (Robert) Gummow is a Senior Technical Engineer at Corrosion Service Company Limited (CSCL). He has been with CSCL since 1962 serving in various capacities, including formerly Vice President Engineering, President and CEO.

Bob is a renowned expert in all areas of electrochemical corrosion prevention, having been awarded the NACE Technical Achievement Award (1989, 1992), NACE Brannon Award (2004), Col. Charles C. Cox Award (2013) and most recently NACE Fellow Honor 2016. Bob has a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada and is a NACE certi ed Corrosion Specialist and a Professional Engineer.

Expert witness services

Sorin Segall

Sorin Segall is Vice President of Technical Engineering at Corrosion Service Company Limited (CSCL). He has been with CSCL since 1993; specializing in corrosion engineering, including cathodic protection, mitigation of AC induced voltages and AC enhanced corrosion and direct assessment of external corrosion. He has a Masters degree in electrical engineering from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and is a NACE certi ed Cathodic Protection Specialist and a Professional Engineer.

Features & Benefits

  • Deep knowledge of corrosion failure and the mitigation tools and techniques required for prevention.
  • Decades of pre-eminent experience with a global reputation for research and development in the
  • Fully impartial and independent

Expert Witness/Testimony Support

  • Corrpro Canada, (Calgary, Alberta), 2017
  • AGL Resources, (Atlanta, Georgia), 2017
  • LCY Chemical Corp. (Taipei, Taiwan), 2015-2017


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The Corrosion Service Technical Library that Documents our Past and Defines our Future

Corrosion Service has and remains a leader in the corrosion control industry, supporting the various industries in North America and around the World, ensuring asset integrity by providing responsible engineering services. As part of our continued commitment we would like to welcome you to our electronic Library as the place to view our various technical papers written and presented over the past 69+ years that have supported the corrosion industry advancement.

We also converted a prime corner office into a Library at our Head Office and dedicated the room to Sorin Segall for his commitment to Corrosion Service, the numerous papers presented, the engineering mentoring within Corrosion Service and to our industry. We would be pleased for you to come and view this comprehensive library that includes various text books, relevant publications, all NACE Materials Performance magazines presented since first publication, technical bulletins and various other related corrosion related print material.

Since our founding in 1950, we have built an extensive portfolio of specialist products for the corrosion prevention industry.

Our materials supply team has access to a full-range of Cathodic Protection materials both manufactured in-house and sourced from partner suppliers. Our dedicated supply chain team is based in Toronto alongside our material distribution hub, which is capable of delivering materials throughout the world on short notice.