Cathodic Protection Services

Normally used in conjunction with coating systems, cathodic protection is a dynamic preventative measure, that can stop or reduce the rate of corrosion in aggressive soil or electrolyte conditions.

Electrochemical in nature, cathodic protection is used to prevent corrosion on buried or submerged metallic structures such as pipelines, storage tanks and offshore structures.

Since 1950, Corrosion Service Company Limited has been at the forefront of advancing the science of cathodic protection, and today ranks as one of North Americas leading specialist corrosion prevention companies. With highly trained engineers and technicians certified at various levels by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International and located across North America, Corrosion Service can design, supply, install and maintain any type of cathodic protection system. Please select from the categories below, to learn how Corrosion Service is able to ensure the longevity of your assets. 


Tank storage of crude, petroleum, chemicals and other liquids provide a critical interface between production and transportation.


The environmental and societal impact of infrastructure failure is a primary consideration for today’s pipeline operators.


Cathodic protection is the most common electrochemical technique used to prevent external corrosion on submerged marine structures.

Miscellaneous CP systems

Corrosion Service has never been shy to take on a unique and challenging project that does not conform to the normal.