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Scott Mckelvey

Scott McKelvey is a Staff Engineer with Corrosion Service Company Limited. He started with Corrosion Service in 2014, after spending several years in the defence and machine vision industries. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012, and holds a Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering from BCIT from 2006. He has provided technical guidance on a wide variety of cathodic protection installations, remedial investigations, and surveys on pipelines and marine structures located across Canada, and regularly provides training and mentoring to newcomers to the industry. He is a NACE certified Cathodic Protection Technologist and a Professional Engineer.

Published : February 7, 2019

Pipeline integrity is embracing the technologies that have been produced by the Big Data revolution. Database access, machine learning algorithms, and analytics tools are no longer the domain of researchers and IT experts, and can be easily deployed to improve our use of pipeline integrity […]

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