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Author : Winston Shim

Winston Shim

Winston Shim was President at Corrosion Service until his retirement in 2015. He joined the company in 1981, serving in various capacities, including formerly Project Engineer, System Specialist, Manager and finally President. Winston holds a Master’s degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science from the University of Toronto, and a MBA from York University. Winston is a NACE certified Corrosion Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist and a Professional Engineer.

Published : December 13, 2011

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers made of Al-6XN® super-austenitic stainless steel experienced premature through wall corrosion failure after 18 months of operation. Multiple remedial methods were evaluated A PAPTM electrochemical corrosion prevention system supplied by Corrosion Service Company Limited was chosen and installed in the […]

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Published : March 1, 2008

The efficacy of anodic protection (AP) on the wet/dry (tidal) zone of a sulfuric acid (H2SO4) tank wall has been in some doubt. The present work confirmed that AP is effective in mitigating corrosion of nitrogen oxide (NOx)-contaminated H2SO4 in both the submerged and tidal […]

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Published : October 22, 2006

The corrosion mitigation benefit of Anotection@ anodic protection (AP) systems in sulphuric acid tanks is well established. AP prevents tank wall wastage, iron contamination of acid and hydrogen grooving of tank walls. Yet, the efficacy of AP at the wet/dry (tidal) zone of tank walls […]

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Published : May 1, 2002

Anodic protection (AP) is powerful technique for corrosion mitigation of white and green liquor tankage.  Recent improvements are discussed. The use of Distributed Current Sources (DCS) resulted in decrease of: 1) mill personnel involvement 2) logistical hurdles for repassivation 3) DC cabling costs Current distribution […]

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Published : December 1, 2000

This article discusses the use of anodic protection (AP) in combating iron contamination, general tank wall wastage, and hydrogen grooving in carbon steel sulfuric acid (H2S04) storage tanks. It also addresses the use of AP for stainless steel acid piping and coolers. Topics include experiences […]

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Published : March 1, 1998

Austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloys (904L 316L 317 L, etc.) used to construct Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers and associated equipment in coal fired generating stations can experience localized corrosion. The problem may be alleviated by using more costly materials such as higher grades of stainless steel […]

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