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Author : Hycem Bahgat

Hycem Bahgat

Hycem Bahgat is a Technical Engineer at Corrosion Service Company Limited. He started with Corrosion Service in 2014 after graduating from the University of Waterloo with a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. Hycem has been involved in various corrosion engineering projects, including AC/DC interference, cathodic protection, and research and development. He is a NACE (AMPP) certified Cathodic Protection Specialist and Professional Engineer.

Published : March 9, 2022

An AC interference study was conducted in 2019 following a utility development project that included constructing a new substation and upgrading approximately 24 km of new AC transmission powerline sections in Alberta, Canada. The study comprised six transmission powerlines owned by one utility and eight […]

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Published : April 20, 2021

The new NACE Standard SP21424-2018 provides a set of simple criteria for assessing the risk of AC corrosion on existing collocations between powerlines and cathodically protected pipelines. However, the task of developing design criteria for new collocations is left to the pipeline operators. This paper […]

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