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Robert Wakelin

Robert Wakelin served as President of Corrosion Service subsidiary Correng between 2000 and 2006, having joined Corrosion Service in 1980 as a Staff Engineer. Robert has a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada, and is a Professional Engineer registered in the province of Ontario. Specializing in cathodic protection, corrosion investigation, Interference Mitigation and grounding, Robert is also a NACE certified Cathodic Protection Specialist and a certified Corrosion Specialist.

Published : March 22, 1998

Literature dating back to the early 1960’s has shown that AC current can cause corrosion of cathodically protected steel under laboratory conditions. Until recently however, there has been little evidence to suggest that AC corrosion of cathodically protected structures may be of practical concern. In […]

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Published : November 2, 1993

This paper discusses some of the corrosion problems typically experienced by the underground portions of electrical transmission line towers, and examines cathodic protection as a method by which tower footing corrosion can be prevented. A case history of one power company’s cathodic protection experiences is […]

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Published : January 1, 1990

The data obtained from several municipal watermains corrosion studies in the Province of Ontario is presented. This data corroborates the findings of a previous study indicating that the galvanic couple formed by the connection of the copper service piping to watermain is a principal factor […]

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Published : September 1, 1988

This paper outlines the procedures used in designing a cathodic protection systems for new or existing water piping. Both sacrificial and impressed current systems are discussed, and design examples for various application of these systems are also given. DOWNLOAD PAPER

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