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Internal Corrosion Monitoring – Ensuring reliability in the harshest environments

As one of North Americas oldest corrosion integrity engineering companies, we understand that just as monitoring is a proactive approach to controlling corrosion, so is the maintenance of the equipment that provides the vital data that protects people and assets. Our internal corrosion monitoring equipment, manufactured by partner Cosasco, is known throughout the world as the gold standard for use in the control of internal corrosion.

With routine maintenance and continuous use of Cosasco spares and consumable replacement parts, our internal corrosion monitoring equipment can be maintained for decades, without any interruptions in production, but most importantly an assurance of the safest operations. Ongoing maintenance ensures you are covered to prevent any unexpected shutdowns, ensuring the safety and security of your assets.

Our team and the services that we offer


Effective data management is essential to plant operations and is critical to reliable corrosion and erosion monitoring. Metal loss data can be tied to chemical injection rates and other process parameters for swift analysis to aid decision making. We know that interpretation and validation of data is extremely important and we’re at hand to provide that support when it’s required.

Data management can be provided in the form of daily, weekly or monthly report generated for each probe tag location across the site. When our technicians have completed a service campaign, a final report is issued with full coupon probe data analysis. The reports, as standard, include a graph and corrosion rate, with point-to-point measurement for average rate, and episodes of accelerated metal loss. The report will also give a life expectancy for the currently installed probe, at the current rates of metal loss, to support planning for replacement and ensuring uptime of the monitoring system.

Services Include:

  • Probe data analysis and reporting
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations
  • Easy access to historical probe and coupon data
  • Access to Cosasco SAFR data
  • Available online and reports in open formats


Our skilled field technicians are trained and certified by Cosasco to the highest standards, to provide an unsurpassed quality of service. We offer a complete range of services from installation and retrieval of corrosion monitoring devices to corrosion/erosion data analysis. Corrosion Service will make every effort to provide you with the most efficient and affordable products and services with safety and quality as a number one priority.

All work carried out is done in accordance with Cosasco Work and Instructions and Risk Assessments. These documents ensure services are performed with safety as the most important factor of the operation. When services are concluded a final report and recommendations are verified and issued. All services rendered and data collected are entered into a database for future reference.

Services Include:

  • Hot Tapping of new Access Fittings
  • Online retrieval and servicing of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection devices
  • Access Fitting Re-facing
  • Servicing of both mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Corrosion coupon & corrosion/erosion data analysis
  • Side-stream corrosion rate analysis & chemical optimization
  • Well Testing & Erosion Studies


Our dedicated Technical Sales and Support team has extensive knowledge on all Cosasco mechanical, electronic, and integrated system equipment. Our comprehensive sales and support structure has you covered from the time of inquiry to post-delivery product and application support. Whether in the field or at your desk we can quickly answer your questions from field operations hub in Edmonton.

Our Support Structure:

  • Application, Design, and Project Management
  • Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance
  • Product/Application Support by e-mail or telephone.


All Internal Corrosion Monitoring Services are provided in proud partnership with COSASCO:


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The Corrosion Service Technical Library that Documents our Past and Defines our Future

Corrosion Service has and remains a leader in the corrosion control industry, supporting the various industries in North America and around the World, ensuring asset integrity by providing responsible engineering services. As part of our continued commitment we would like to welcome you to our electronic Library as the place to view our various technical papers written and presented over the past 69+ years that have supported the corrosion industry advancement.

We also converted a prime corner office into a Library at our Head Office and dedicated the room to Sorin Segall because of his commitment to Corrosion Service, the numerous papers presented, the engineering mentoring within Corrosion Service and to our industry. We would be pleased for you to come and view this comprehensive library that includes various text books, relevant publications, all NACE Materials Performance magazines presented since first publication, technical bulletins and various other related corrosion related print material.

Since our founding in 1950, we have built an extensive portfolio of specialist products for the corrosion prevention industry.

Our materials supply team has access to a full-range of Cathodic Protection materials both manufactured in-house and sourced from partner suppliers. Our dedicated supply chain team is based in Toronto alongside our material distribution hub, which is capable of delivering materials throughout the world on short notice.