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Category: corrosion rate
Published : March 26, 2019

A field study was conducted by Corrosion Service and TransCanada Pipelines to determine the influence of the AC current density and of the coating holiday size on the rate of AC corrosion. This field study involved burying steel coupons of three different sizes (i.e., 1 […]

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Published : March 6, 2016

The conventional understanding of the cathodic protection mechanism is illustrated in the definition of cathodic protection arising from the research of Mears and Brown in 1938. That is, cathodic protection is complete when the corrosion cell cathodes are polarized electronegatively to the open circuit potential […]

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Published : March 11, 2012

Some recent papers contain inaccurate information regarding the validity of the -850 mVcsE current applied criterion, the so-called on-potential criterion. To qualify as a corrosion control criterion the -850 mVcsE value must imply a sound engineering judgment of the corrosion rate. Only the -850 mVcsE […]

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Published : January 1, 1970

Corrosion of steel by alternating current was investigated as far back as the early 1900’s. These early studies and others in the 1950-60’s indicated that AC corrosion of steel was only a fraction of an equivalent amount of direct current (i.e. less than 1 % […]

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