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The Lost Art of Telluric Compensation

Published: 20190207 by NACE Northern Area Conference - Calgary 2019
Author(s): Daniel Fingas
Co-Author(s): Paul Murray - Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Techniques for telluric compensation of close-interval potential survey (CIPS) data have been known and used in the pipeline industry for many years. However, in recent years, operators have begun to question the effectiveness of surveys performed during periods of significant telluric activity and, in some cases, have even directed survey crews to stop work during periods of high telluric activity. This paper reviews the theory and basic techniques for telluric compensation.

The value of telluric compensation is discussed with reference to the results of a recent survey in Alberta that was subject to significant telluric effects. The practical benefits are described, including reduced field exposure time, reduced time to complete surveys, and improved schedule adherence. Challenges of using telluric compensation are also described. Recommendations are made for applying effective telluric compensation to future surveys.