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Cathodic and Anodic Protection in the Paper Industry

Published: 19890601 by Corrosion Service Company Limited
Author(s): Harold Webster

It is best to review the differences between these two protection techniques before discussing their application in the Paper Industry.

Corrosionists have been aware of the electrochemical nature of aqueous corrosion since the studies of Davy & Faraday. Apart from some early experiments using zinc and iron anodes to protect copper sheathing on ship’s bottoms the deliberate application of comprehensive systems to protect steel from corrosion by the technique known as cathodic protection was in hiatus from the time of Davy’s experiment in the 1820’s to the 1930’s. Cathodic protection has been in extensive use only since 1945. In fact, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers was organized by proponents of this technology in the petroleum industry.