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Telluric Current Effects on Corrosion & Corrsion Control Systems on Pipelines in Cold Climates

Published: 20010201 by NACE International
Author(s): Robert Gummow

The impact of telluric current activity on the corrosion control systems on pipelines in northern regions and cold climates is examined. Three specific areas of concern are identified These factors are corrosion of the pipe during positive cycles of the telluric disturbances, accurate measurement of cathodic protection performance parameters, and coating damage during negative cycles of the telluric activity. Corrosion rates are calculated versus the magnitude of the pipe potential change caused by discharging telluric current for different values of the KP geomagnetic index.

Methods of compensating and mitigating telluric current effects are discussed in the context of the cathodic protection design and monitoring procedures. The benefits of using potential controlled rectifiers and integrated reference/coupons in mitigating telluric current effects are illustrated.