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New and Old Challenges in Analyzing ECDA Indirect Inspections Data

Published: 20160307 by NACE International
Author(s): Sorin Segall
Co-Author(s): John Shore - Union Gas Limited, Cory Bradshaw - TransCanada Pipelines

The analysis of indirect inspection data is a critical factor in conducting a successful ECDA process.

This paper covers two lessons learned recently when dealing with bonded pipelines along common rights-of-way and also with equalization currents. The “old” challenge of differentiating
between “threat” related versus “tool” related indications will be also discussed.

Topics like attributing a coating holiday to the “right” pipeline in a common right-of-way, differentiating a magnesium anode profile from an equalization current signature and “double
dipping” in a DCVG indication are reviewed in detail in this paper.