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Categories : corrosion

Some Recent Advances in Anodic Protection for White and Green Liquor Clarifiers and Storage Tanks

Published: 20020501 by ABTCP CONFERENCE BRAZIL
Author(s): Winston Shim

Anodic protection (AP) is powerful technique for corrosion mitigation of white and green liquor tankage.  Recent improvements are discussed. The use of Distributed Current Sources (DCS) resulted in decrease of:

1) mill personnel involvement

2) logistical hurdles for repassivation

3) DC cabling costs

Current distribution design for AP systems is critical and it must be based on primary current distribution. The liquor electrochemistry does not allow secondary or higher order current distribution design. Remote monitoring is an integral AP component ensuring that no active areas are allowed to exist in the tank. Full-length corrosion coupons are used to monitor the effectiveness of AP. Care must be exercised to ensure erroneous coupon results due to the effects of low resistivity liquor are minimized.