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Author : Robert Gummow

Robert Gummow

Bob (Robert) Gummow is a Senior Technical Engineer at Corrosion Service Company Ltd. He has been with Corrosion Service since 1962 serving in various capacities, including formerly Vice President Engineering, President and CEO. Bob is a renowned expert in all areas of electrochemical corrosion prevention, having been awarded the NACE Technical Achievement Award (1989, 1992), NACE Brannon Award (2004), Col. Charles C. Cox Award (2013) and most recently NACE Fellow Honor 2016. Bob has a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada, he is a NACE certified Corrosion Specialist and a Professional Engineer.

Published : February 1, 2001

The impact of telluric current activity on the corrosion control systems on pipelines in northern regions and cold climates is examined. Three specific areas of concern are identified These factors are corrosion of the pipe during positive cycles of the telluric disturbances, accurate measurement of […]

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Published : November 1, 2000

Interference can be defined as any electrical disturbance on a structure caused by a stray current. In this context, ‘stray’ refers to a current in an unintended path, although it is recognized that current will take all available paths in inverse proportion to the relative […]

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Published : March 26, 2000

Methods of determining the coating quality on directionally drilled pipe sections were investigated in a research project sponsored by the Pipeline Research Committee of the American Gas Association. Tests were conducted on FBE coated pipe samples which were buried in three different soil conditions and […]

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Published : February 1, 2000

Since its introduction in 1824, cathodic protection (CP) technology has developed to become a fundamental tool for preventing corrosion on municipal infrastructure. Potable water storage tanks and piping, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe, reinforced concrete structures, bridges, parking structures, underground fuel tanks, and effluent treatment clarifiers […]

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Published : August 13, 1999

Potential and current fluctuations on oil and gas pipelines attributed to telluric currents have been observed for many years by corrosion control personnel when conducting routine cathodic protection performance surveys. The impact of these geomagnetically induced currents has generally been considered more of a nuisance […]

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Published : September 1, 1997

Soil side corrosion of surface storage tanks can be a serious problem. In many industries the life of the tank is limited by external corrosion of the tank bottom. Cathodic protection (CP) is a cost effective technique used to eliminate soil side corrosion and hence […]

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Published : November 2, 1993

This article traces the history and development of the —0.850 V E (copper sulfate electrode) potential criterion over the last 60 years with respect to thermodynamic considerations and empirical testing in both the laboratory and field. The significance of reference electrode position and IR-drop voltages […]

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