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Published : March 9, 2022

The long-term service life outcomes were compared for similar natural gas storage wells operated with either no cathodic protection or partial cathodic protection. Cathodic protection for storage wells is not mandated by regulation and industry practice varies so the outcomes for more than 350 wells […]

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Published : March 28, 2019

Trenchless technologies are increasingly used to install pipelines at crossings with environmentally sensitive features, highways, etc. For deep crossings installed in rock via horizontal directional drilling (HDD), there has been concern within the pipeline industry about the effectiveness of conventional monitoring and cathodic protection techniques. […]

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Published : March 26, 2019

A field study was conducted by Corrosion Service and TransCanada Pipelines to determine the influence of the AC current density and of the coating holiday size on the rate of AC corrosion. This field study involved burying steel coupons of three different sizes (i.e., 1 […]

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Published : February 7, 2019

Pipeline integrity is embracing the technologies that have been produced by the Big Data revolution. Database access, machine learning algorithms, and analytics tools are no longer the domain of researchers and IT experts, and can be easily deployed to improve our use of pipeline integrity […]

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Published : March 11, 2007

The 100mV cathodic polarization criterion is being used more extensively on piping in the oil and gas industry which has prompted a discussion on the limits of its use. This paper summarizes the technical literature on the validity of this criterion with respect to elevated […]

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Published : March 11, 2001

The Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline on the east coast of North America is constructed through an area where large geomagnetic disturbances can be expected. Because of this it was decided to include consideration of telluric current effects in the design of the cathodic protection (CP) […]

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Published : March 22, 1998

This paper presents the issues considered during the design of an impressed current type cathodic protection (ICCP) system for corrosion control on the submerged external surfaces of the steel ice shields on the piers of Confederation Bridge. General information and facts are presented on the […]

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Published : November 2, 1993

This paper discusses some of the corrosion problems typically experienced by the underground portions of electrical transmission line towers, and examines cathodic protection as a method by which tower footing corrosion can be prevented. A case history of one power company’s cathodic protection experiences is […]

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