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Category: pipeline
Published : February 7, 2019

Pipeline integrity is embracing the technologies that have been produced by the Big Data revolution. Database access, machine learning algorithms, and analytics tools are no longer the domain of researchers and IT experts, and can be easily deployed to improve our use of pipeline integrity […]

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Published : March 14, 2010

Sharing of common corridors by gas pipelines and overhead power transmission lines is becoming quite common. However, electrical energy can be transferred from power transmission lines to pipelines through inductive, conductive and capacitive coupling. When a power transmission line runs in parallel with a pipeline […]

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Published : January 1, 1970

Corrosion of steel by alternating current was investigated as far back as the early 1900’s. These early studies and others in the 1950-60’s indicated that AC corrosion of steel was only a fraction of an equivalent amount of direct current (i.e. less than 1 % […]

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